Top 5 for Freightliner Racing
Top 5 for Freightliner Racing
Sunday, 18 June 2017

Tim Slade:

“The Freightliner Racing Commodore was really good to drive today. It was great for the team this weekend with not only a strong result today, but with Nick finishing on the podium yesterday. Considering all the dramas we’ve had so far this year, this would have to be our best weekend yet. It’s a good weekend for the whole team as we will take away some good team championship points and hopefully now that we are getting on top of things we can continue to improve when we arrive in Townsville.”

“I feel as though the car was strong but we didn’t quite have the straight-line speed as the guys in front. As part of our strategy we had to save a bit of fuel in the start of the race, but we had a really strong finish. I had a couple of cracks at getting past Fabian and was putting the pressure on in those final laps.”


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